Storage Unit Size Guide

If you are having difficulty estimating how much storage space you are going to need, we can help.

When you’re ready to select a storage room size, we can help in a couple of ways

Visit a store and speak with an experienced storage professional. Or give us a call, 281-492-2980. We can work together to list all the belongings you will be storing and determine how much storage space you will need.

Storage Room Sizes
5′ x 5′

Store office file boxes, chairs, dresser drawers, boxes of clothes, tall furnishings such as floor lamps, etc.

5′ x 10′

Store a couple of pieces of large furniture, up to 15 boxes, lawn mower, bicycle or motorcycle.

5′ x 15′

Store belongings you may have in a one-bedroom apartment, not including large furniture.

10′ x 10′

Store contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including a couple of major appliances.

10′ x 15′

Store belongings you may have in a two-bedroom apartment, including a couple of large appliances.

10′ x 20′

Store belongings you may have in a two- or three-bedroom apartment or home. Can accommodate a compact car and some other mid-size vehicles.

10′ x 30′

Store furnishings you may have in a two or three-bedroom apartment or home, boat, commercial trailer or a full size vehicle.

Extra Large Storage Rooms 15 x 30′

Storage rooms are available with doors at both ends and they a great storage solution for commercial and business customers.


Indoor and Outdoor spaces for long or short-term parking of vehicles, boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles.

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Storage Rooms Available
5x5x10 (Climate)
5x10x10 (Climate)
5x10x10 (Non-Climate)
7.5x10x10 (Climate)
7.5x10x10 (Non-Climate)
10x10x10 (Climate)
10x10x10 (Non-Climate)
10x15x10 (Climate)
10x15x10 (Non-Climate)
10x20x10 (Climate)
10x20x10 (Non-Climate)
10x25x10 (Climate)
10x25x10 (Non-Climate)
10x30x10 (Climate)
10x30x10 (Non-Climate)
10x30x10 (Non-Climate/Double Door)
12.5x30x10 (Non-Climate)
15x30x10 (Non-Climate)
10x30x0 (Outdoor Storage) (Boat/RV/Car/Truck Trailer)
10X30 ()