Our Storage Rooms

We have a variety of room sizes to accommodate your every need. Whether it’s the contents of a small apartment, an entire house, or anything in-between. We can help. Our standard room sizes are as follows. All sizes are approximate.

Humidity Temperature Controlled Storage Rooms Temperature and humidity monitoring helps preserve and protect your belongings year round. These rooms are recommended for storing antiques and sensitive items such as electronics, photographs and clothing. They are also ideal for long-term storage of books

• Secure Self Storage Facilities Computer controlled security access system allows entry to only the people who should be on the property. Daily external and internal inspection of customer locks helps ensure room doors are properly secured. Our facility offers computerized controlled security gate access, plus all doors are fully secured.

• A Variety of Different Room Sizes
We offer large storage rooms for furnishings from an entire home. If you’re a renter with a small apartment or a college student with a dorm room, not to worry, we have small rooms also.

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Storage Rooms Available
5x5x10 (Climate)
5x10x10 (Climate)
5x10x10 (Non-Climate)
7.5x10x10 (Climate)
7.5x10x10 (Non-Climate)
10x10x10 (Climate)
10x10x10 (Non-Climate)
10x15x10 (Climate)
10x15x10 (Non-Climate)
10x20x10 (Climate)
10x20x10 (Non-Climate)
10x25x10 (Climate)
10x25x10 (Non-Climate)
10x30x10 (Climate)
10x30x10 (Non-Climate)
10x30x10 (Non-Climate/Double Door)
12.5x30x10 (Non-Climate)
15x30x10 (Non-Climate)
10x30x0 (Outdoor Storage) (Boat/RV/Car/Truck Trailer)
10X30 ()